In the Khmelnytsky region, gray coats were honored
In the village Kholodets is the mass grave of 17 Cossacks and officers of the 10th regiment of sergeants of the UPR Army, who were executed on June 1, 1919 after being taken prisoner in battle near the village of Kupil.
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«Героїка» розпочинає співпрацю із Українським культурним фондом
Станом на 5 грудня на сайті «Імена самостійної України» доступно для ознайомлення 14 014 облікових карток.
The main task of historical cartography is to reproduce the true picture of the historical past by methods and means of cartographic science. Cartographic works reconstruct different stages of development of society and reflect them on the basis of historical and cartographic methods. Hrushevsky repeatedly turned to cartographic material. In particular, seven historical maps were added as illustrations to his History of Ukraine-Russia (1898-1903), and the Illustrated History of Ukraine (1913) contained 29 maps. Nine color historical maps were published in the popular edition of M. Arkas's History of Ukraine-Russia (1908).